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Andy Denome


Elder & Director of Discipleship

Andy and his wife Kelley began attending Sun Valley Church in 2006.  After faithfully serving at SVC for six years Andy became an elder and is currently our Director of Discipleship and Missions. He oversees our small groups and foreign and domestic missions efforts. Both Andy and Kelly have a heart for serving others and love shepherding the people of Sun Valley Church.

John Schubert


Senior Pastor

John has been the lead pastor of SVC since its inception in 2003. Prior to SVC he and his wife (Sheri) served at West Side Baptist Church in Yakima. As the preaching pastor it is his desire to exalt God and rightly divide His word for the joy of God's people.

Pastor John's hope and prayer for SVC is that as we practice being an authentic gospel-centered and grace-driven community we will become a fruit-bearing, mission-minded church to the glory of God.

Rick Witmer


Assistant Pastor

Rick and his wife, Jenn, have been at SVC since 2010, and they have four children. Rick is Assistant Pastor over Family Ministries, including a focus on family shepherding, teaching and discipleship in student ministries, overseeing, teaching, and developing adult Sunday Seminars, and administering children's ministries. He is also the primary staff counselor.

His hope for Sun Valley Church is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be central in every facet of His people's lives and ministries, because when we lose sight of the cross, we lose sight of everything. His desire is that we would be grounded in the true doctrine of God's Word as a distinct Trinitarian community - zealous in loving God and others because He first loved us - that Jesus' Name might be great among the nations.

Deb Woodcock


Office Manager

Deb came to work for the church in February of 2004. She is the ministry assistant, book keeper, secretary. She does all the amazing work that helps keep Sun Valley Church running smoothly.

Her hope for the church is that it would be a place where people are drawn in order to grow deeper in their understanding of, and relationship with, Christ.  She would hope that people are able to continually grow more in their appreciation of the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made for his believers and how desperate and absolute our need for a savior is due to our sinful nature.

Amy Lyon


Children's Ministry Director

Amy has been at the church, along with her husband and 3 daughters, since the church began in 2003 as one of the founding families at Sun Valley Church. Her primary role within the church is to oversee the Children's ministry.

Amy's goal for Children's ministry is to glorify God by encouraging the families of Sun Valley Church to treasure Christ above all. She loves to see the children of Sun Valley Church being taught the Word of God in every classroom, from babies in the nursery to the fifth grade!

Erin Betancourt


Connections Team Director

Erin has been at the church since 2007 and is married to Eferon. Her primary ministry is overseeing the Connection Team at Sun Valley Church. The Connection Team is responsible for the "First Contact" of every person that walks through our doors from the greaters, welcome table, parking lot attendents and the wonderful coffee.  So basically everything you see in the foyer of the church falls under this ministry.

Erin's Goal is that the Connection Team would be a blessing and encouragement to any who attend Sun Valley Church, helping them grow in faith and in fellowship with the body. The Connection Team is also an accessible and helpful way for anyone to serve the church and help others feel welcome.

Heather Phillips


Assistant Director of Children's Ministry

Heather and her husband Josh, were part of the original church plant team from Westside Church. She has served SVC in a variety of ways. She is currently serving in the Children's Ministry with a particular focus on the nursery ministry.

If you have ever walked by the nursery it is a full room! Our nursery is a growing ministry and Heather takes special interest in ministering to our littlest ones and their parents.

Jeremy Pynch


Worship Director

Jeremy has had the privledge of growing up at Sun Valley Church and has now grown into the role of worship director. Jeremy's family was part of the original church planting team from Westside Church.

Jeremy oversees the music and liturgy on Sunday morning. His hope is that through the worship of God we would be a changed people, committed to serving God with every breath we have on this earth.