There are so many uncertainties in the world now, just as there has been since the beginning. People around the globe rely on governments, financial markets, military strength, technology and their own strength to provide stability in their lives, yet there is no more security now than there has ever been.  

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is described as the fulfillment of Isaiah’s Messianic prophecy; “The nations will put their hope in His name”, where “hope” literally means “expectation of what is certain. Certainty. The Gospel provides the certainty, security, and stability of salvation through Christ that the world and its efforts will never provide. It is a life-changing hope for the world that will only be realized when people hear and accept the Gospel.  

It’s the mission of the Church to share this hope. That’s why Sun Valley Church’s foreign mission focus is to provide resources and personnel to plant and support Gospel-Centered, Grace-Driven, and Mission-Minded churches among the 40% of the world’s people groups that are still unreached with the Gospel. That doesn’t mean we don’t share Christ’s love by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, housing the homeless or protecting the weak. But it does mean that while we are engaged in those activities, we boldly share the Good News of saving grace because, without it, there is no real hope.

See what our missionaries are doing and see how you might get involved to spread Hope For the World through prayer, support or service.


Below is a video highlighting the work of a ministry we partner with in El Papalote, Baja California, Mexico.




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