History and Theology for Unity

Next Sunday I will continue the adult class on the “History and Theology of Worship”. We will dive into the period of the Apostolic and Apologetic Church Fathers. This period runs from roughly 120 through 305 AD.

My objectives will be to cover:

1. Who Runs the Church

2. Unity in the Church

3. Three principles for Unity

I will also include a summary of early battles with Heretics that help to begin to define the faith and the Canon of the New Testament.

I have pondered why do I teach as an in-house teacher when there are so many better teachers available with present technology? I could point you to teachers superior to myself! Yet, I think my job as a teacher at SVC is to provide a learning environment through classroom discussions and to shift the subject matter to find what is most applicable to our church at this point in time.

I look forward to you joining me on December 18, 2016 in the gym.

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